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“State & Main Records: Volume II”


Release date 4/20/2013
T-Shirt with Download (includes Vol I) – $15
CD – $7.98
Download Only – $5 Get it on the S&M Bandcamp page
State & Main Records: Volume II

Bedeviled Eggs – Bedeviled Eggs

Download from the State & Main Bandcamp page ($4)
Bedeviled EggsRead 7 Days’ review here.
Pick up the album at Buch Speiler. You can also follow Bedeviled Eggs on Facebook.

Anachronist – Row

Anachronist - Row


Read 7 Days’ Dan Bolles’ rave review here.
Pick up the album at Buch Speiler or from their page on bandcamp.
You can also follow Anachronist on Facebook.

First Crush – Halfway Home


On vinyl with download code. Get it at Buch Spieler in Montpelier, or from their Bandcamp page (First Crush EP is also available there)!
First Crush - Halfway Home

Champagne Dynasty


Champagne DynastyChampagne Dynasty has released a phenomenal self-titled debut. The music pulls heavily from dark 80’s electropop and urban soul music. Using heavy mechanical drum beats in conjunction with dark synth textures to make a unique and energizing sound. Full dancefloors, late nights, and the perfect album, designed as a mixtape. All here for you.


Get this album at Buch Speiler in Montpelier, or Burlington Records!

The Concrete Rivals – Eat Their Weight in Snakes


Eat Their Weight in SnakesThis amazingly hot album is only available at shows and at Buch Spieler in Montpelier!

Langdon Street Cafe Benefit Compilation

In 2011, we put together an incredible collection of songs to benefit the Langdon Street Cafe as they closed after 6 1/2 years of being arguably the most important arts, culture, and music venue in Central Vermont. Coming off the steam of our recently released compilation “State & Main Records – Volume 1″, we originally offered our songs up to be sold to raise extra money for the closing costs of our downtown hub. The Cafe served as a place for many local musicians to play, as well as a location for discussing and forming the Golden Dome Musicians’ Collective. We are happy to offer it now free of charge. Download it at our bandcamp site

Dan Zura – “Sleeper Hit” EP


The fantastic, haunting psych-folk record from the inimitable Dan Zura. Looming with country hooks and spacey melodies, this EP sticks with you!  Hand numbered, silk-screened and limited to 300 copies.


Special Edition contains a bonus disc of the rare “What Moves You Kid” full length, Dan Zura’s debut release from 2006!


“State & Main Records: Volume 1″


Hand-numbered and letterpressed!  Black with gold ink  $10

For MP3s, go to Our Bandcamp Site

First Crush – “First Crush EP”