First Ave Kitchen 4evr

(presents). is the collaborative effort of Andrew Siskind (Mystic Crystals) and Ben Roy (Town-Wide Yard-Sale) and they make music like no other people on earth do (probably). Combining preposterous decisions repeatedly made on an electric guitar with endlessly looping and growing rhythms generated from a variety of sources, their sound is one that you can hear, with your ears. Their live shows are widely hailed as mindblowing, or something you can do if nothing else pans out.

Founded in the spring of 2009, (presents). has released three studio albums, a live recording, a limited edition tape, and a handful of other transcendent objects. They’ve played at such illustrious venues as Charlie-O’s, The Langdon Street Cafe, Three Penny Taproom, The Lamb Abbey, Gunn’s Guns, a roof in Bed-Stuy, and one time on someone’s porch at night. They’d like to play for you.

F*ck Mountain