Starting in a damp basement beneath a record store with little and sometimes no light, Sick Feelings was conceived as a sparse but loud duo consisting of Hannah Jean Bean on percussion and Nate Lander on guitar/vocals.

The music is angular, driving, moody, and exciting. Using primarily toms and bass drums, the rhythm is a jungle beat while distorted guitar provides a thick overtone and near-melody. The lyrics during performance often range in style and length as each song is a template for Nate Lander’s deranged poetry (Black Stairs), pleas for love (Open The Door), and bizarre takes on classic works of literature (Romeo & Juliet Was Just A Bar Hook-Up, Wasn’t It).

Sick Feelings was joined by the phenomenal Colin Gunn on bass guitar in February of 2011 to fill out the low-end of the group. ┬áThe band is an art-rock arsenal with an ironic well-being that infects it’s listeners.