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7Days Album Review: Various Artists, State & Main Records: Volume II

From Seven Days
By Dan Bolles [04.17.13]

(State & Main Records, CD, digital download)

In 2011, Montpelier’s State & Main Records, an offshoot of the Golden Dome Musicians Collective, released a pair of hefty compilation albums, State & Main Records: Volume 1 and Volume 1.5. Together, the comps offered an intriguing, varied and thorough snapshot of a community in flux, with release dates roughly sandwiching the 2011 closing of the city’s fabled arts epicenter, Langdon Street Café. In the years since, the Montpelier scene has weathered more uncertainty — notably, the closing of another cornerstone venue, the Black Door. But optimism abounds in the capital city these days. For starters, a new juke joint, Sweet Melissa’s, is opening soon in the vacated LSC storefront. And venues such as Bagitos, Charlie O’s and Positive Pie 2 have kept the city rocking through the long, dark night. That hopefulness is embodied in a new release from the plucky S&M Records crew, State & Main Records Volume II. The comp’s 14 tracks are evidence of a diverse and vital music scene in central Vermont. Read on…

7Days: Diary of a Day in Montpelier

By Dan Bolles [04.10.13]

So I’m hanging out in Montpelier the other day, right? It’s a beautiful, early spring day. A little chilly, but sunny. You know, “nice” — or what passes for nice in early April in Vermont. I’ve got some time to kill before I need to head back to Burlington, so I wander over to Buch Spieler to say hi to Knayte Lander. In addition to working at the record store, he’s also part of the Golden Dome Musicians Collective and State & Main Records, which are both pretty cool. He tells me they’ve got a new compilation coming out that he’s super-psyched about. Then he shows me the T-shirt they’re putting out with the comp. It has, like, every band in Montpelier listed on it. That got me pretty psyched, too. I like Montpelier bands.

Knayte says the album should come out on April 20. Duuuuuude, I think, worrying that I’ve been conditioned to think that every time someone mentions the date. You know, 4-20? I wonder if I’ve been in Vermont too long.

7 Days names Anachronist one of top ten in 2012

Perfect 10
Recapping the best Vermont-made recordings of 2012
By Dan Bolles [12.26.12]
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Montpelier’s State Main Records had another strong year, including electro-pop goodness from Champagne Dynasty, boy-girl sweetness from First Crush and a lo-fi scorcher from new duo Bedeviled Eggs — the last on cassette.

And Bolles’ top ten albums of the year:

Wooden Dinosaur, Spaces
Blue Button, Love Angry
Michael Chorney and Dollar General, Dispensation of the Ordinary
Zack duPont, Somewhere in Between
Maryse Smith, Maryse Smith
Waylon Speed, Valance
Farm, Farm
Anachronist, Row
Alive & Well, The Rot of the World
Rick Davies, Salsa Norteña

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